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Jianghuai Forklift

Jianghuai forklift

  Seven maintenance, one-third of maintenance

 First, forklift management makes you deeply anxious

1, forklift driver illegal operation;
  2, forklift safety inspection, but off;
  3, the forklift suddenly can not work;
  4, forklift maintenance costs high.

  Second, Asahi forklift one-stop service allows you to manage the forklift relaxed and happy!
  Xu Pu's advantages: 1, focus on forklift one-stop service 15 years of experience;
  2, professional driver training;
  3, professional maintenance team;
  4, professional management system

  Third, the service process
  1, to understand the situation
  2, custom maintenance program
  3, signed a maintenance agreement
  4, the establishment of vehicle files
  5, driver training
  6, regular maintenance of vehicles (early detection of the problem)
  7, to determine the maintenance program
  8, for maintenance
  9, signature confirmation
  10, document entry management system
  11, check the settlement
  12, regular tracking service