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Are you still looking for a forklift or a forklift?

Asahi forklift sincere analysis for you, forklift rental can bring you how much benefit!

         Buy forklift              VS                lease forklift

Purchaser funding, business costs increase    Reduce costs   The lessor contributes to the cost of the customer's expenses


Purchaser withdraws depreciation of fixed assets   Improve the comprehensive benefits   The customer to the rental fee into its operating costs, tax relief, improve the comprehensive use of funds


Investment funds shackles, cash flow greater impact    Reduce financial pressure   The cost is limited to the fixed rent, which reduces the pressure on a one-time payment


Core competitiveness is affected   Focus on core business   Forklift is only auxiliary equipment, not the core products, forklift outsourcing is conducive to focus on core business

The buyer needs to set the basic spare parts inventory   Reduce equipment acquisition   Need to set up any spare parts inventory, to reduce the capital of enterprise equipment purchase pressure